Top 5 – Stainless Steel Products

1. Quantum Stainless Steel Door Handles

The Quantum Stainless Steel long back plate door handle has a sleek contemporary design and is perfectly suited to other products in the Quantum stainless range to allow for a coordinated aesthetic look.

2. Quantum Stainless Steel Letterplates

 With its strong aesthetic appeal, long life cycle and high functionality, the stainless steel Quantum letterplate will enhance the look of any door, making it truly stand out from the competition. Perfect for high-end applications, our letterplates are fully suited with the Quantum Stainless Steel Handles.

3. Trojan Stainless Steel Door Handles

Manufactured in 304 stainless steel for ultimate corrosion resistance, the Sparta Stainless Steel Door Handle boasts a sleek, contemporary design. These high quality handle comes with a 25+ year guarantee on all finishes, giving consumers peace of mind.

4. Trojan Unicorn Letterplates

The Trojan Unicorn letterplate has been designed with aesthetics in mind, and has a simple and elegant shape, to complement any door. Featuring 304 stainless steel flaps that can open to 180°, the letterplate is also extremely durable and practical, and has been tested to 100,000 operations.

5. Trojan Elite T-Bar Pull Handle

Offering an upmarket, contemporary handle the T Bar Handle is manufactured in 316 stainless steel and delivers outstanding product performance. Supplied as in-line or cranked versions, both with back to back fixing or bolt through fixing, the T Bar comes with the Trojan 25 year anti-corrosion guarantee.

Just outside our Top 5…

The Yale Platinum high security cylinder pull is the first and only cylinder pull currently in our range. Designed to enhance security without compromising on style, it is TS007 2* accredited and is Document Q approved when used as part of a PAS 24 door set.

Do you think we missed something from our Top 5 Stainless Products?