Hinge Protectors

Nico Xtra Bolt Hinge Protector

The Nico Xtra Bolt is a hinge protector which provides additional security on the hinge side of windows. It is Secured By Design and BBA approved and significantly assists windows in meeting the requirements of PAS024: 2012. It is quick and easy to fit and manufactured from 2.3mm heavy gauge steel. It is suitable for new or retrofit installations and can be used with a range of friction stays.

Kenrick Hinge Protector

The Kenrick hinge protector is ideal for both new and retro-fit solutions to give extra security by guarding the hinge side of a casement window against attack. It is quick and easy to fit and is compatible with a range of friction stays that we stock. They are designed to engage only when the window is attacked, preventing disengagement by clamping together when the window is jemmied.

Yale Excluder

The Yale Excluder is a secure solution to windows offering easy egress without affecting the opening anf closing performance of the hinge. Designed to acheive PAS24:2016 and corrosion tested to BS EN 1670 Grade 3.