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Compatible with most uPVC and aluminium windows, our trickle vents come in an array of colours and sizes to satisfy all requirements. Our ventilation hardware provides optimum levels of air ventilation, and have been designed with security and energy efficiency in mind. We supply trickle vents from manufacturers such as Greenwood, Glazpart and RW Simons. In addition, we also offer our own trickle vents within Total Hardware’s exclusive range, Quantum.

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RW Simons trickle vent - ventilation hardware

Trickle Vents

We offer a choice of trickle vents from brands like Greenwood, Glazpart, RW Simon and Yale. Our selection of trickle vents come in different sizes and colours, and can be sprayed in any RAL colour to satisfy all requirements. Browse through our selection of ventilation solutions to find the one that suits your products best.View all

Acoustic vents - ventilation hardware

Acoustic Vents

We are also able to offer acoustic vents from leading manufacturers such as Greenwood. Acoustic Vents are becoming increasingly popular as more new builds are developed on brownfield sites and noise levels have to be reduced to acceptable levels. Browse through our acoustic ventilation solutions to find the one that suits your requirements best.

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