Top 5 – Window Locks

1. Kenrick Centurion Shootbolt

The Centurion shootbolt offers a cost effective solution for fabricators requiring a high security window locking system. The Secured by Designed product is also durable and reliable, having been tested to 100,000 cycles, and a minimum of 240 hours of salt spray testing.

2. Quantum Espag Rod

Easy to install in any Eurogroove system, the Quantum Espag offers smooth operation and enhanced security of the window. BBA accredited, our Espag lock comes with a 10 year mechanical guarantee, ensuring the durability and reliability of your window system. The adjustable mushroom cams provide strong protection against potential unwanted interference.

3. Kenrick Interceptor

Designed to help fabricators speed up production with no compromise on quality, the Interceptor locking mechanisms provide high levels of security for window systems in no time, offering obvious advantages for the production cycle.

4. Kenrick Easifit

Featuring patented high security locking, the Kenrick Easi Fit Lock enables fabricators and installers to deliver guaranteed window security quickly and effectively. Tested to 100,000 cycles and a minimum of 240 hours salt spray testing, the lock is also very durable and reliable. PAS 24 capable.

5. Yale Extendable Shootbolt

Offering high security, the Yale Extendable locking system covers all window sizes from 476mm to 1520mm without the need to cut the shootbolt extensions. This helps fabricators save time during manufacturing. Adjustable mushroom cams (7.7mm and 9mm) offer enhanced anti-separation performance, together with simple compression adjustment.

Just outside our Top 5…

Featuring bi-directional locking technology, the Yale encloser is becoming increasingly popular with fabricators. This twin cam locking system combines high security performance with fast fitting and no cropping. These features make it an ideal alternative to shootbolt mechanisms, without compromising on security.

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