Top 5 – Trojan Hardware Products

1. Patriot Plus Door Hinge

By far one of our most popular products, and unsurprisingly it’s topped another one of our top 5 lists. PAS24 capable, quick and easy to fit, full 3D adjustment, the Trojan Patriot Plus ticks all the boxes for both fabricators and installers.

2. Sparta 2 Window Handles

The Sparta 2 Window Handle available in both inline and cranked variants has a sleek modern design and suites with the Sparta range. White still remains the best seller however the Sparta 2 comes in a range of colours including polished chrome, PVD gold, and satin silver.

3. Stainless Steel Door Handles

Manufactured in 304 stainless steel for ultimate corrosion resistance, the Sparta Stainless Steel Door Handle boasts a sleek, contemporary design. The quality of these handles, reflected in the 25 year anti corrosion guarantee, makes it many fabricators top choice.

4. Unicorn Letterplates

Similarly to the Stainless Steel Door Handles, the Unicorn Letterplates are also manufactured from 304 stainless steel. With both products boasting 25 years anti corrosion guarantee it’s no surprise they have made it into our top 5 two weeks in a row.

5. Mega Egress Hinge

The Mega Egress hinge is designed with superior integral strength allowing one hinge size to cover all frame widths up to 900mm with a max load of 40kg (345mm version) or 33kg (220mm version). Because the Mega Egress Hinge covers a range of sizes its ideal for fabricators looking to reduce stock holding.

Just outside our Top 5 Trojan Products…

The Athena hinge range is one of the latest offerings from Trojan. This sleek, slim designed hinge is available for both PVC and Composite doors, with a stainless steel version on the horizon. As one of our newest product range it hasn’t quite made our top 5 but has already proved successful with many of our customers.

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