Stainless steel upgrade for Total Hardware’s Quantum range

Door handle and knocker

The Quantum stainless steel range is available exclusively from Total Hardware

National distributor for the trade, Total Hardware, has recently launched a stainless steel upgrade for its exclusive range of premium hardware, Quantum, to help fabricators enhance the looks, performance and longevity of their products.

The tide is turning when it comes to specifying stainless steel hardware solely for upper-end to high-end market sectors, as more fabricators and installers are realising the cost benefits brought about by the use of quality window and door furniture on a much wider scale, significantly reducing their number of service calls.

Total Hardware general manager, Chris Pell, said: “Eliminating the high expenditure of callouts is everyone’s goal, and in the midst of an increasingly tight market, one cannot afford the risk of damaging their reputation due to problems with tarnished hardware, which sometimes happens even if these issues are dealt with quickly and effectively.

“Differentiation is also important to ensuring a good, constant stream of customers, and this is why we have designed our range of contemporary stainless steel hardware. With a 10 year corrosion and mechanical guarantee, Quantum can really play a key role in uplifting the appearance, durability and functionality of any entrance door and window,” added Chris.

The Quantum stainless steel range includes door handles, letterplates, knockers, numerals and letters, all of which are available in six finishes: Brushed Stainless, Chrome, Flint, Prime Gold, as well as powder coated White and Black.

While an absolute prerequisite for higher end doors due to both performance and looks, stainless steel hardware is rapidly becoming the preferred choice for a wider range of applications.
“Quantum is a response to our customers’ evolving needs, and the stainless steel upgrade is already helping them add significant value for their clients. With the six finishes we offer in stainless steel, and the seven colour options within our premium Quantum range, our exclusive hardware is also versatile and can complement any door style and window”, concluded Chris.

For more information call Total Hardware on 0113 243 2255