Stainless steel range meets instant success

Quantum Door Handles

Total Hardware’s Quantum range of stainless steel handles

National supplier for the trade, Total Hardware, has reported strong demand for their recently launched range of stainless steel door furniture, Quantum.

With more pressure than ever to deliver a true “fit-and-forget” product to the market, that will hugely reduce callouts, fabricators are now adopting stainless steel hardware for a wider range of applications, beyond the usual higher-end, or coastal markets.

“It’s true that demand for entrance doors is going strong, but so is competition, and the last thing you need in such a tight market is to have to deal with service calls and manage disappointed clients,” says Chris Pell, Total Hardware general manager.

“In reality, stainless steel needs to be specified for applications in more diverse areas than it is being done currently, in order to avoid tarnishing and pitting, which leads to guarantee claims, and ultimately writes off all the cost advantages of an initially cheaper hardware option. Our clients are amongst the first to realise this, and to act on it, to the benefit of everyone involved – from their own business, to their installer clients, down to the end-consumer.”

The range consists of door handles in long and short back plate versions, letterplates, door knockers and letters & numerals, and has been designed following client consultations and their request for a stainless steel alternative to Total Hardware’s exclusive range of premium products, Quantum.

Chris commented: “The current market is driving the development of more advanced solutions and upgrades of existing hardware options. We anticipated the strong move towards premium products, including stainless steel, and we launched our own range of hardware to meet this demand.

“With Quantum, we offer our clients a range that is both great looking, with sleek and contemporary design, as well as long lasting. Its success determined us to design more products within this range, and add more finishes in order to satisfy a complex demand, with Quantum stainless steel being the most recent development.”

Available in six finishes, from Brushed Stainless, to Chrome, Flint, Prime Gold, as well as powder coated White and Black, the Quantum stainless steel comes with a 10-year mechanical and surface finish guarantee.

For more information call Total Hardware on 01132432255