Quality guarantee and a personalised solution from Total Hardware

Chris and Andy Total Hardware

Window and door industry trade publication, Clearview, talks to Total Hardware general manager, Chris Pell, about why manufacturing businesses should switch from suppliers to production partners.

Pressure from increased competition and changing consumer trends is leading to more innovative product development in the window and door industry. Manufacturers are asking for superior hardware solutions that add to the aesthetic appeal of their products, while also enhancing performance, functionality and durability, in an effort to anticipate and capitalise on the evolving end-user demand.

Homeowners need a wider choice of options, and higher versatility that will help create their own, bespoke product, perfectly in tune with their discerning requirements.

But with more colours, styles, and finishes available now than ever before, fabricators also have to streamline their processes and manage their production flows more effectively. Which is why partnering with a reliable hardware supplier, one that can accommodate the necessary levels of stock, and provide comprehensive customer support, is essential.

An exclusive product line

This is what directors at Total Hardware are calling the “total package”, and is what the company offers to UK fabricators, through its premium range of fully suited products, Quantum.

“We launched our own range of premium hardware in response to the changing market trends, providing our clients with more choice, and an exclusive product line that sets them apart from their competitors,” said Total Hardware general manager, Chris Pell. He added: “This translates into more USPs for our clients’ range of products, more sales and better margins. At the same time, Quantum has also enabled us to provide the highest level of flexibility, adapting even more swiftly to variations in our customers’ supply chain demands, and allowing them to reduce the number of SKUs in their own inventory, making more funds available at all times to be invested in other areas of development.”

Transferable USPs and a multitude of downstream benefits

A lot of effort went into designing Quantum, with directors at the company using their 70 years combined industry experience to produce a range that focuses on performance, but also delivers the sought-after aesthetics which are driving the end-users’ demand in today’s market.

Chris commented: “With Quantum, we’re helping fabricators to offer a consistently high quality look across their portfolio, regardless of requirements, as our comprehensive product range is available in seven premium colours, and six stylish finishes for our stainless steel collection.”

With its 10 year mechanical guarantee, the fully suited range also delivers a multitude of benefits down the line, from the homeowners’ reassurance that they are investing in a high quality window or door, featuring top components, to the installers’ confidence in their product, and all the advantages that come from eliminating costly callouts.

“We’ve listen to our clients and learnt what their needs were in terms of the next generation of hardware, both regarding quality, operation, guarantee and looks, as well as the level of customer service. This is why, even before the official launch, Quantum was a huge success,” added Chris.

Stainless steel – from necessity, to value proposition

In their bid to produce the perfect product in order to capitalise on the coastal and urban markets, fabricators have largely adopted high-quality stainless steel hardware, with its anti-corrosion characteristics. More recently though, manufacturing businesses have started offering stainless steel as standard, rather than the usual upgrade, as Chris explains: “More fabricators are looking to help their customers sell easier to the end-consumer, and reduce or completely eliminate service calls, which is why the industry has recently seen a very strong demand for stainless steel options.

“The material’s popularity means retailers don’t have to explain its advantages to the homeowner, it pretty much sells itself, and we’re fully prepared to help our clients, and their customers, with our six high-quality finishes within our Quantum stainless steel range,” added Chris.

A tailored supply solution

To provide impeccable service, Total Hardware focuses on a smaller number of very high volume clients. Most fabricators served by the national distributor are long standing customers, and many have been involved in an excellent business partnership with Total Hardware right from the beginning, more than 11 years ago.

“Our partnerships are what our business is all about, and we focus on outstanding relations with both our clients, as well as our suppliers,” commented Chris. “Aside from Quantum, we’re one of the largest distributors of all market leading brands of hardware, and we can supply our customers with the exact combination of products they need, in the right volumes, at all times.”