Emplas take the leap to “Quantum”

Quantum RangeEmplas, one of the UK’s leading uPVC fabricators, has chosen to give its products a premium finishing touch with Total Hardware’s exclusive new range of Quantum window and door furniture.
Launched in 2014 to celebrate Total Hardware’s 10th anniversary, Quantum is a fully suited range of hardware designed specifically for functionality and durability, as well as great looks. The range includes perfectly matching window & door handles, letter plates, tilt, & turn handles, numerals and knockers in a choice of seven finishes – chrome, gold, flint, white, black, antique black and satin silver.

Having enjoyed an excellent business partnership with Total Hardware for nearly a decade, Emplas decided to turn to the National Distributor yet again in order to find a hardware range that could truly add to its windows and doors’ appeal.

Ryan Johnson, Managing Director of Emplas, commented: “We have always been impressed with Total Hardware’s level of professionalism and customer service, and when they launched their own range of premium hardware we knew it was going to be the perfect combination of style and quality – exactly what we were looking for to help further differentiate our products.

“But we didn’t just want a fully suited range of high quality hardware, we also needed to trust our supplier, to know they’ll always deliver, and commit to sufficient stock levels to accommodate our production plans. We found that Total Hardware was a perfect match to our expectations.”

Emplas is one of the UK’s longest established fabricators, with over 35 years’ experience in the industry and a production output of approximately 1800-2000 frames per week. Total Hardware is supplying the fabricator with all their window and door handles, letter plates, tilt & turn handles, numerals and knockers.

Chris Pell, Total Hardware general manager, said: “We’ve had an excellent partnership with Emplas since 2006, and we’re delighted to be supplying them our exclusive range of fully suited hardware. Quantum was designed as a premium solution for fabricators who want to differentiate their offer and stand out from the crowd with window and door furniture that doesn’t just look great, but is also reliable, durable and comes with a 10 year guarantee to prove it.

“We’re currently preparing to launch new products within the range, which will be available from March 2015. This will include a fully suited stainless steel upgrade offering as we aim to deliver fabricators a complete solution with Quantum”.

For more information call Total Hardware on 0113 243 2255